Tech Mahindra Sample Placement Paper/ Pattern 2010

I attended Tech Mahindra offcampus at Sai Ram Engineering college on 27th of February 2010. This Tech Mahindra Sample Placement paper/pattern may be useful to others who are going to attend the Tech Mahindra offcampus. The Offcampus consisted of 4 rounds
  • Aptitude
  • Technical Interview I
  • Technical Interview II
  • HR
  It consisted of 4 Sections which test your Mathematical Ability and Logical Reasoning
  • Mathematical Ability
  • Logical Reasoning I
  • Logical Reasoning II
  • English
The mathematical sums where mainly based on probability, Profit and loss, Simple and Compound Interest
The reasoning was based on seating arrangements, figure based problems, statements and conclusion. The  is English section was based on sentence correction, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension. Please note that each section consist of about 30 questions and the time allotted is only 60 minutes. It is a online test.

Technical Rounds I & II(Technical Interview)

They will ask you only the basic questions from C, C++ and Java. Once you clear the Technical Round I you will be allowed to attend Technical Round two. They will ask you to write programs like Fibonacci series, Factorial with and without recursion, Sorting (Be prepared with all kinds of Sorting) and some other basic programs. Know about type conversion in Java, Inheritance, Virtual functions in c++, Database concepts like Normalization. They will ask you to explain your projects and also draw the diagram of your projects.

It is well and good if you are well versed with Data Structures. There may be questions from tree traversal, Draw tree for a given expression and traverse in Inorder, Preorder and postorder. Know some of the sorting algorithms too. Technical Interview will be full of writing your program and explaining it.

The HR round will be cool. Once you have passed the Technical Round II you will attend the HR round. They will ask to introduce yourself and will ask you about your goals. If you hace passed technical interview you are 75% assured of placement.

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Ravishnakar said...

Dear Webmaster,

Is there any negative markings and how was the written test too tricky or just the basics and what is the cut off mark for getting selected. Is it enough to see R.S.Agarwal for apps and when they will they inform about the results for the first round. When will they conduct the other rounds Technical Interview I Technical Interview II and HR. How to prepare for apps and Tech. Please reply me as soon as possible since, I got a call to attend the off campus on 16-may-2010.

crazycoder said...

as far as i know there is no negative markings. The logical section is very easy but time management is important. R S Agarwal for aps will do. Technical was easy only. All the rounds will be on the same day only. Be strong in basics in C, Java, DS

Vishal said...

Thanks for sharing latest Tech Mahindra Sample Placement Paper.

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