How to reach Sri Ram Engineering College Thiruvallur

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 Google Map for Sri ram engineering College Veppampattu,(Pallipattu) Thiruvallur
Hi friends most of you might have your mphasis interview and aptitude test at Sri ram engineering college Thiruvallur. I too had my Mpasis interview at Sri Ram Engineering college on 17th March. Inorder to reach Sri Ram College all you have to do is reach the central station and take a train from there to either thiruthani or thiruvallur and get down at Vepppampattu station. The fast train will not stop at veppampattu. So while taking train ensure that its not a fast train. From there you have to walk for about 15 minutes to reach the college. All the best for your interview.

Why we wear Glasses ?

Glasses also known as spectacles is wore by many for eye protection or vision correction.... There are different types of glasses that we can wear. Some of them are Corrective glasses, Safety Glasses, Sun glasses, 3D glasses, reading glasses and bifocal and tri focal lenses... Each of this type has its own unique features. The corrective glasses are used for the purpose of correcting myopia or hyperopia(Which we call as short sight or long sight). The safety glasses are mostly worn while driving in order to protect our eyes from the debris in the air. The sun glasses are worn to protect our eyes from ultra violet rays. Light polarization may be added to sun glasses... 3D Glasses are used for providing 3D view onto a 2D surface... You might have watched the Avatar Film... Special Glasses were provided for watching that film... These are the 3D glasses... Not only the glasses are of different types but also the frame that surrounds the lenses may be made of different materials such as the fiber, plastic, metal, stainless steel and they may be half rim frames or full rim frames.... The cost of glasses depends on the material used and also the quality... There a number of online stores where you can model the glasses you need...

Amazing Facts about Antarctica

We all know that Antarctica is one of the continent in the world. It is the uninhabited continent in the world. It is the ice and snow that covers 98% of the continent. The temperature there never rises above zero degree Celsius... The animals we can see in Antarctica are those ones which can withstand extreme cold conditions including penguins, seals, whales and some more. Now a days many countries are setting up scientific station in Antarctica for exploration... The number of scientist in such stations will be high during the summer time and drops low during other season... The highest point in Antarctica is Vinson Massif...The lowest temperature that was ever recorded was -89.2 degree Celsius....

Swami Nithyananda with Tamil Actress

The most famous person in TamilNadu also known as guru of TamilNadu got into trouble because of his closeness with Tamil Actress. The video of swami Nithyananda with Tamil Actress was released by the biggest television network Sun TV yesterday... From the moment the video was released the question in every ones mind is who that Tamil actress is ? The answer to this question was revealed by Sun TV as actress Ranjitha... It was said that swami Nithyananda flew to Haridwar .... The video of Swami Nithyananda with Tamil Actress was removed from Youtube now...