Actor Karthi Marriage Photos

Actor Karthi son of Actor Sivakumar, wedding took place at coimbatore. He joined hands with Ranjani today. Marriage Photo of Actor Karthi

How to Reduce Weight

Keeping ourselves fit is one of the way to lead a long and healthy life. One should have ideal weight. There a number of ways by which you can reduce weight. Proper intake of food with essential vitamins and minerals is very important. Avoiding fatty items will prevent you from heart diseases to an extent. Lot of protein bar, liquid shakes are available in the market. Intake of these items with proper food will help to keep your body fit

Diet Plan

Diet is one of the important thing that every one must follow in thier life. Proper propotion of vitamins, minerals and nutrition is very important to lead a healthy life. Today obesity have become common among childres. This is because of the unhealthy junk food they eat. As a result fat gets accumulated which leads to lot of health disese. Instead of these junk items, lot of protein bars, health drinks,Syntrax Nectar are available. We can make use of it and can maintain our health.

Arizona Heating and Air Conditioning

Your Air Conditioner is one of the important modern inventions which you can find in most houses and offices today. It is the device which makes us feel cool and comfortable on those hot and humid days.

The air conditioner, popularly referred to as AC, comes with a variety of functionality and cooling effects. There are a number of companies which manufacture AC units and they also range in prices depending on the size and power of the unit.

Your job doesn't end with the purchasing of an AC unit. Like other electrical equipment it also needs servicing at regular intervals of time. If you are in the Arizona Valley area then AC by Jay's Comfort Team is there to assist in the servicing of your AC with a prompt response time.

Arizona heating and air conditioning provides not only servicing. They are also involved in sale of AC and other heating equipment and geothermal systems. They serve more than 30,000 houses and offices in the Arizona valley, and are also known as Phoenix heating and air conditioning.

The Arizona heating and air conditioning also repairs AC. If you face any problem with your AC or need to buy a new unit then "AC by Jay's Comfort Team" is there to help you at the earliest as possible time. Enjoy the excellent and fast support from Jay's team!

Jamaica Vacations

Everyone likes to go on vacation. One popular choice for many are beach resort vacations, which conjures up visions of a tropical island with graceful palm trees, white sand beaches, and turquoise waters. One such beautiful island is Jamaica. It is situated in the beautiful salt water Caribbean Sea. This island has a beautiful coastline and a number of notable beaches, including the Negril seven mile beach, James Bond beach, and Doctor's Cave beach. The island's most popular tourist attraction is the Dunn's River Falls, near Ocho Rios. Climbing the step-like stone falls is a popular activity with visitors. There are many other things to do and enjoy in Jamaica, like deep sea fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or riding a zip-line across the tropical forest tops. Rick' cafe, in the Negril Beach area is a popular spot to enjoy beautiful sunsets and rock cliff jumpers.

There are a number of resorts in Jamaica and Breezes Resorts has four excellent all inclusive resort options on the island.
All Breezes Resorts offer all inclusive packages, which include accommodations but also premium beverages, all meals and snacks, land and water sports, and other resort entertainment options. All of Breezes Resorts Jamaica vacations packages include all of the above as well as tips and gratuities, airport taxes, and hotel transfers. Breezes Resorts choice of Jamaica all inclusive vacations packages include the Breezes Trelawny Bay Resort, which welcomes families with children both tall and small; as well as the Breezes Runaway Bay resort near Ocho Rios, the Breezes Rio Bueno Resort, and the Breezes Grand Resort and Spa Negril.

Breezes also offers great dream honeymoon and wedding packages at their Jamaica resorts, and a variety of wedding gazebos in beach and garden settings. These make for very beautiful and memorable locations for saying  "I do."

Whether you are thinking about a fun family vacation with your children or a romantic holiday with a loved one, Breezes Resorts has the perfect Jamaica resort for you.

Web Hosting Providers

The hottest trend today is surfing the net. It has become a passion today. Internet contains all the needed information  whether it might be about education, entertainment, game or anything. Web page is the source of the information. Website is nothing but a collection of related web pages. Now a days everyone have started to own their website. The reason is not only sharing of information but also it has become cheap and it is very eay to create a website. Once we have done with the content of the next thing is host the site. There a lot of web hosting providers who provide us space on their server for hosting our website. We have to take a note of the functionality that we need and then choose the best web hosting provider accordingly. There are also other hosting services like dedicated hosting,email hosting etc., Choose provider of your choice and enjoy building your website.

Enthiran(Robo) Movie Photos and Videos

The Super Star Rajini Kanth's most awaited film "Enthiran(Robo)" audio has been released and every one is waiting eagerly for the film release. Rajini pairs with Aishwarya Rai in this film. It was directed by the famous director Shankar who has given mega hit films in the past and music was scored by A.R.Rehman. The audio of enthiran was released in a grand manner. This film has set a record as most expensive film ever in India. Enthiran Mp3 songs are available in the net and you can download from some sites. Some of the stills(Photos of  Enthiran)

Hosting a Site

Everyone is aware of internet as it has become a important thing in our day today life. Every information is available on the internet. It not only helps the students but also the business people a lot. Now a days you can buy or sell things online itself. All you need to promote your product or to provide information or share thoughts you have to have a website of you own. For this you have to decide on a topic and approach a website hosting company. These are the companies that provide space on their web sever for our websites.. The website hosting companies can provide this free of cost or may charge based on the features that you need for your website. There are different types of hosting like free hosting, shared hosting, E-mail hosting, dedicated hosting and so on. The cost of hosting depends on the technology you need like mysql database, ssl certification and so on. Choose the hosting provider based on this. If you surf the net you can find a lot of information on each web hosting company....

My Experience in an IT company

Hi all I wish to share my experience in the company that i joined in May. I was a fresher passed out in 2009  and was searching for a job for a long time. Finally all MNC's started recruiting in 2010. I attended the offcampus conducted by all MNC's like CTS, HCL, Mphasis and TechMahindra.  After many failures finally i got selected in one of these MNC. I gave my interview for that company in february and was waiting waiting and waiting for the offer letter. After 2 months in May I got the OL and joined in that month itself. I was quiet unlucky that I  have to join in the western region.   Having made up my mind I joined. When i was joining i don't know anyone but to my surprise out of 20, 12 were from my region only and my training went on well. I felt lonely first but finally i gained not only knowledge through the training but also nice friends. Actually my training was scheduled for 3months but i t got over in 1.5months itself. I was waiting for my location and was sincerely praying to god that i must be posted in south. But again my luck played a great role and i finally got the location in Pune. I was so upset and every one in my new batch were from north and i don't know even a single word in hindi. I tried to change the location to south but it was a failure. The thing that i like to say is never ever make a gang with the people from your own region. Try to speak with all so that you won't feel when you are moving out of your circle. You can work well only when your comfort level is high  and also its high only when you feel that location is like your home town. These MNC's are never ever going to encourage this. So you have to take care of your comfort. My kind suggestion is that while in training try to mingle with all and don't ever struck within a small circle. Now I'm into the project specific training..........

Home Plans

Every one's dream must be to buy a house. The technology now has advanced so much that these dreams are closer to reality now. In the past, the full picture of a house would be available only after it had been built and only an expert technician could dare dream of building a house for themselves. Not any more. Now-a-days the technology has made it easy for everyone. Not only the technology in the design and construction of the house, but the technology that allows anyone to look at designs and work with them. We can now design our own home plans according to our desire or change them the way we want. There are a lot of companies that provide modern house plans. One of the best companies is . It has a superior gallery of house plans. They have been in business for more than 25 years, so they have a lot of designs and a lot of expertise. in a very big database of home plans designed by professional designers and architects . It is now possible for you to view the plans you want online according to your search criteria. Not only can you view the plan, but the plan details, floor plan, mirror reverse view of the building and also the main view. They have log home plans  of well constructed homes and other plans of their best selling homes. You can select from these or it is also possible to choose a house plan based on other styles, such as the European, Italian and French styles. They also have plans and designs for backyard, garage, sheds and many more to add to your existing house or the house you will build. You can choose a state and browse all the available builders. It is definitely a place where you can find all the information needed to build a house.

Golf - Ball Sport

One of the most famous Ball Sport is Golf. As cricket there is no definite pitch for playing golf. Instead it is played in Golf Courses. We have to hit the ball into the holes that are available in the golf courses with minimum number of strokes. A golf course may consist of 9 or 18 holes. Player have to bit the balls into the holes in some order given. The design of each of the golf course may differ and there is no strict pattern. There are many Golf shop that sell the items necessary for playing golf like golf clubs, golf balls, tees and many more. Golf Platzreife is needed by many golf association. Its like a license. we have to take a golf course and pass it in order to obtain golf license. There are a number of  Golfschläger which you can join and start playing golf.

Tech Mahindra Sample Placement Paper/ Pattern 2010

I attended Tech Mahindra offcampus at Sai Ram Engineering college on 27th of February 2010. This Tech Mahindra Sample Placement paper/pattern may be useful to others who are going to attend the Tech Mahindra offcampus. The Offcampus consisted of 4 rounds
  • Aptitude
  • Technical Interview I
  • Technical Interview II
  • HR
  It consisted of 4 Sections which test your Mathematical Ability and Logical Reasoning
  • Mathematical Ability
  • Logical Reasoning I
  • Logical Reasoning II
  • English
The mathematical sums where mainly based on probability, Profit and loss, Simple and Compound Interest
The reasoning was based on seating arrangements, figure based problems, statements and conclusion. The  is English section was based on sentence correction, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension. Please note that each section consist of about 30 questions and the time allotted is only 60 minutes. It is a online test.

Technical Rounds I & II(Technical Interview)

They will ask you only the basic questions from C, C++ and Java. Once you clear the Technical Round I you will be allowed to attend Technical Round two. They will ask you to write programs like Fibonacci series, Factorial with and without recursion, Sorting (Be prepared with all kinds of Sorting) and some other basic programs. Know about type conversion in Java, Inheritance, Virtual functions in c++, Database concepts like Normalization. They will ask you to explain your projects and also draw the diagram of your projects.

It is well and good if you are well versed with Data Structures. There may be questions from tree traversal, Draw tree for a given expression and traverse in Inorder, Preorder and postorder. Know some of the sorting algorithms too. Technical Interview will be full of writing your program and explaining it.

The HR round will be cool. Once you have passed the Technical Round II you will attend the HR round. They will ask to introduce yourself and will ask you about your goals. If you hace passed technical interview you are 75% assured of placement.

All the Best

Review of Web Hosting Providers

Internet the buzz word now a days has found its entry into every field. It allows us to freely express our thoughts, Share information, Market our products, watch movie, download books and many more. Of this the most important is the online advertising. Although the tele advertising and advertising through digital banners is still existent, the internet has made the job of advertising simple and powerful. Every thing is available on the internet. If we want our thoughts too, to be accessible to all, all we have to do is create our own website. The company that does this job is called the web hosting company. The job of these companies are to provide space for us on their servers and the features we need. For instance a webhosting provider can provide us 1GB space, access to MySQL database, email account and many more. The toughest part is choosing the web hosting provider. Web Hosting Fan is the site which makes this part much easier. There you can find the reviews of each and every provider. They have information about the providers features, security and the technology they use. You can find all the latest trends in this site. They provide guidance on acquiring domain names too. Web Hosting Fan is definitely a paradise for those who need to create their own website.

Caribbean Holidays

When we think of vacation or holidays we consider a lot of places to spend our time which we can't forget ever. Once such place that is worth considering for going on vacation is the Caribbean Islands. Caribbean region is well known for its beach holidays. It comprises of about 7000 Islands. When we say Island the first thing that comes to our mind is the beautiful sea coast and the sea breeze. There a number of resorts in the Caribbean region that provides exotic view of the Islands and the attractive beaches . Of these one of the best resort which you can take to enjoy your holidays is the Breezes Resorts and Spas. They provide all inclusive holidays packages that you make you feel as in your home. This all inclusive deals consist of daily night parties, unlimited cocktails, land and water sports and a variety of mouth watering spicy dishes with deluxe accommodation. They have their resorts in nine different places. It is a perfect place to enjoy your summer and spring holidays. The vacation package deals provided by Breezes resorts this summer includes free nights at the Caribbean. You can select the resort you want and book them online itself. The Breezes Resorts and Spas are a perfect place for your holidays. They are a perfect place for your Honeymoon too.

HCL Aspiring Minds Sample Placement Paper 2010

Aspiring minds conducted the off campus for Mphasis and HCL at various cities in India(Chennai, Noida, Bangalore ). I attended both the exams. The question Paper were somewhat similar. The following were asked in the HCL offcampus 2010. The sample placement paper for your reference

  • Statement and conclusion
  • Coding and Decoding(ex abc:efg :: lmn: ? or rush is written as blah blah... then how push is written)
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Blood relations
  • Direction based problems
  • Mostly comprehension type questions
  • 1 or 2 questions from number series
  • A passage will be given you have to read and answer it
  • Probability (1 or 2 sums)
  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Correct Sentences by replacing the italicized word with correct word(3 questions)
  • No c or c++ or any computer based

Once you have cleared the first round the next round is technical GD. There will be about 15 people in one batch. The HCL persons will give the introduction on the topic and you have to proceed it further. But in this round you must have luck since people who didn't speak even a word was also selected. Some of the GD topics are
  •  Agile Software model
  •  Networking (Layers)
  •  Web Development
  •  Will you chose dead lined projects or never-ending project
  •  ECE concept - signals
  •  Software Development Life Cycle( SDLC)
Once you clear this round all is done. The HR will be simple. All the best
The package will be 3lakhs pa

Sura Movie Songs Download and Review

The most awaited Vijay's film SURA will be released on April 16, 2010. It is Illaya thalapathi's 50th film. Tamannaah is playing the female lead. This is the first film Vijay and Tamannaah were starring together. Tamannaah is hot in the movie. This film is produced by Sangili Murugan. He was also the producer of Vijay's super duper hit film Kaathalukku Mariyathai. The music was composed by Mani Sharma. The audio of Sura was launched on end of March. The happiest news for all vijay fans is that Vijaya's 51th film is to begin soon and Asin is back to kollywood with this film. It is a remake of Malayalam film Bodygaurd . Some of the hot stills/Photos from Sura

You can download sura MP3 songs for free from here

Mercedes Benz

Do you have passion for cars ? Or if you own a car you might have come across the word Mercedes Benz AZ. If you are planning to buy a luxury car or any other automobile then have a look at the automobiles from the world class German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes Benz comes in a variety of classes Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes GL class, S Class, CL class and many more. Each of these variety of cars have their own features. The most awaited car SLS AMG will hit the market in 2010. This high speed car was unveiled in Frankfurt Auto show 2009. Mercedes Benz not only manufacture cars but also buses, coaches and trucks. Mercedes Benz is maintaining its name in the area of quality and durability.

How to reach Sri Ram Engineering College Thiruvallur

View Larger Map
 Google Map for Sri ram engineering College Veppampattu,(Pallipattu) Thiruvallur
Hi friends most of you might have your mphasis interview and aptitude test at Sri ram engineering college Thiruvallur. I too had my Mpasis interview at Sri Ram Engineering college on 17th March. Inorder to reach Sri Ram College all you have to do is reach the central station and take a train from there to either thiruthani or thiruvallur and get down at Vepppampattu station. The fast train will not stop at veppampattu. So while taking train ensure that its not a fast train. From there you have to walk for about 15 minutes to reach the college. All the best for your interview.

Why we wear Glasses ?

Glasses also known as spectacles is wore by many for eye protection or vision correction.... There are different types of glasses that we can wear. Some of them are Corrective glasses, Safety Glasses, Sun glasses, 3D glasses, reading glasses and bifocal and tri focal lenses... Each of this type has its own unique features. The corrective glasses are used for the purpose of correcting myopia or hyperopia(Which we call as short sight or long sight). The safety glasses are mostly worn while driving in order to protect our eyes from the debris in the air. The sun glasses are worn to protect our eyes from ultra violet rays. Light polarization may be added to sun glasses... 3D Glasses are used for providing 3D view onto a 2D surface... You might have watched the Avatar Film... Special Glasses were provided for watching that film... These are the 3D glasses... Not only the glasses are of different types but also the frame that surrounds the lenses may be made of different materials such as the fiber, plastic, metal, stainless steel and they may be half rim frames or full rim frames.... The cost of glasses depends on the material used and also the quality... There a number of online stores where you can model the glasses you need...

Amazing Facts about Antarctica

We all know that Antarctica is one of the continent in the world. It is the uninhabited continent in the world. It is the ice and snow that covers 98% of the continent. The temperature there never rises above zero degree Celsius... The animals we can see in Antarctica are those ones which can withstand extreme cold conditions including penguins, seals, whales and some more. Now a days many countries are setting up scientific station in Antarctica for exploration... The number of scientist in such stations will be high during the summer time and drops low during other season... The highest point in Antarctica is Vinson Massif...The lowest temperature that was ever recorded was -89.2 degree Celsius....